Corporate Gifting Ideas for the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Gift Atelier Singapore Mid Autumn Fruit Hamper


In the past, the Mid-Autumn Festival was a time when people give thanks to the gods to mark the end of a bountiful autumn harvest. For this reason, in modern times, sending a box of mooncakes or a gift hamper to express our gratitude and appreciation to our corporate clients, family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival has also become a norm in Singapore.

With the evolution of mooncake packaging and flavours in recent years - from Star Wars themed mooncake to Minion themed mooncake, from ice cream mooncakes to exotic mooncakes flavours like Kopi with Salted Hokkaido Milk Snow Skin, the gifting scene in Singapore has also changed in order to keep up with the progress as well.

In today’s context, by sending your recipients just a box of mooncake is no longer enough, because everyone else is also doing the same thing! Therefore, seeing the myriad of mooncakes flavours out there in the market - we, the good folks at The Gift Atelier have created some gift hampers which we believe will add a nice touch and complement that box of mooncake that you are planning to send to your clients.


Over here at The Gift Atelier, we loved the idea of sending a fruit hamper with some tea alongside a box of mooncake. Why so? - The tea is a good way to cleanse your palate after having the mooncake, and since mooncakes are high in calories, the fruits are a healthy alternative to balance it out.


The Gift Atelier Singapore Fruit with Tea Hampers

The Gift Atelier Singapore Fruit with Tea Hampers



If you don’t like unsweetened tea but yet want to avoid taking in more sugar after having mooncake, how about making some ice fruit tea or substitute the sugar with a healthy alternative such as honey. We have the perfect gift for that too!


The Gift Atelier Singapore Fruit with Tea and Honey Hampers



For some luxury indulgence, why not send your clients our wine or champagne and fruit hampers to go along with those mouth-watering champagne truffle mooncake?


Champagne with Fruit Hampers SingaporeRed Wine with Fruit Hampers


Now you have an idea on what you can send to your colleagues and clients during Mid-Autumn Festival. Hop on to our Fruit Hampers for our full range collection. All our hampers are exquisitely packed and come with a complimentary gift card. Order now for free next day delivery within Singapore*.

The Gift Atelier wishes you and your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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