Introducing Simplified Gifting with The Gift Atelier

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Have you ever been in a situation whereby you are frustrated because you just can’t seem to find that perfect gift for your recipient? Or were you ever left totally flabbergasted by the exorbitant delivery fees and yet the delivery needs at least 1-3 working days? Perhaps you have no idea how to wrap a present nicely without getting yourself all tangled up by the scotch tape and ribbons.

Well, we have all been there and done that, haven’t we? If you have encountered any of the situations that was mentioned above, fret not, for we are here to provide you with the solution - Introducing Simplified Gifting with The Gift Atelier.

Welcome to The Gift Atelier’s first blogpost! We are glad that you have found us and we hope that after reading this, you will have a better idea of who we are, what we do and why we do what we do.

Who is The Gift Atelier?

The Gift Atelier is a boutique gifting studio that specializes in creating pre-curated gift hampers which will suit all kinds of gifting occasions. We also work with our customers/clients to create and design gift hampers that will suit their personal or corporate gifting needs.

It was started by three friends who have had their fair share of frustration while trying to find the perfect gift for different occasions. They were very inspired by those beautiful gift hampers/boxes that they see on the Instagram pages of some of the big gifting companies in Australia and UK but were unable to find any similar ones in Singapore, therefore they decided to create those hampers themselves.

What can I find on The Gift Atelier?

At The Gift Atelier, you will be able to find gift hampers that contain gifts that are not only aesthetically pleasing in their packaging but also hand-selected for their quality and exquisite attribute.

We also believe that packaging plays an important role in elevating the whole gifting process, which is why each of our gift hampers are packaged to perfection, while paying attention right down to the wrapping details.

Besides good products, we at The Gift Atelier also strongly believe that good and timely delivery services also forms part of the shopping experience with us. Therefore, when you purchase a gift hamper from us, we will endeavour to deliver the gift into the hands of your recipient by the very next working day and the best part - Free local shipping!

Why do you do what you do at The Gift Atelier?

Because we have been through the frustration process of gifting sourcing, therefore we want to simplify the gifting process for our customers so that they can have more time to focus on what is important - be it spending time building the business relationships with their clients, or just spending time with their loved ones.

From birthday gifts, to baby shower gifts, to corporate gifts and many more other special occasions, we do not just want to leave an impression on the recipient, we also want to impress the sender. We want to make your gifting experience an amazing one with us.

Our dream is that for every gift hamper that leaves our studio, it will be a gift to be remembered by your recipient and that our gift hampers will have the ability to help you and your recipient to create not just lasting memories but also lasting relationships.

So why not give us a chance and try us out? We promise you will not be disappointed! 


With love,

'Create lasting relationships through gifts'

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